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Mililani Chiropractor

Mililani chiropractor

Every day, Hawaiian residents are challenged by chronic or acute pain, preventing them from living life fully and enjoying everything that these beautiful islands have to offer. If you're struggling with pain caused by a chronic health condition, an auto accident, or another type of injury, you can get relief with natural, side-effect free methods. 

Get the Pain Relief You Need from a Mililani Chiropractor 

Many medical conditions can cause pain, from auto accident injuries to chronic health problems. While traditional medicine offers some options for relief, many of them have unwanted side effects. Chiropractic care provides individuals who are suffering from neck and back pain, sciatica, headaches and other issues to get relief fast, without the need for medications or surgical procedure. Many people don't understand the importance of the spine and its surrounding tissues and the effect it can have on the body when the spine is out of alignment. When the lumbar and cervical vertebrae are subluxated or misaligned, the entire body can be affected. There may be great pain in the area of the misalignment, or the pain may be felt elsewhere in the body as a result of nerve compression. 

What Chiropractic Treatment Is Right for You? 

There are many different methods that can be used in chiropractic care for injuries and chronic conditions. It is often thought that a chiropractor simply adjusts the neck and spine, however, there is much more to caring for an individual. While manual manipulation of the spine is a large part of any chiropractic practice, a variety of tools and techniques can be used to achieve the desired results and no two chiropractic treatments are exactly the same. At the Chiropractic Family Health Center, we will take a complete medical history from you and our doctor will examine you before making a treatment recommendation. Depending on your unique situation, just a few sessions may be needed to correct an issue, or it may be suggested that you continue with regular chiropractic care to manage chronic discomfort and pain. 

Our focus is to work with you to determine your health and wellness goals and discover what treatments may be available to you to help you reach your goals. Our caring staff and Mililani chiropractor will work hard to see that you get the pain relief you need when you need it. 

We Serve the Mililani Area 

Directions from Mililani

To get to the Chiropractic Family Health Center from Mililani: 

  • Get on I-H-2 S from Ukuwai St and Meheula Pkwy
  • Follow I-H-2 S and I-H-1 E to Moanalua Rd in Halawa. Take the exit toward Stadium Aiea from HI-78 W/I-H-201 W
  • Continue on Moanalua Rd to your destination in Aiea

Call Our Mililani Chiropractor Today!

If you are in need of high quality care from a Mililani chiropractor, don't wait. Dr. Paul Kurihara, DC has the experience needed to help you feel your very best. Give us a call at (808) 486-6696 to book an appointment. 

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