K, Shiroma

I started chiropractic’s to better my posture, here we are 4 months later and I feel great and my posture is better than it has ever been, thank you Dr. Kurihara!!

K, Tam

I started to get my body and mind healthy, I also had some back pain and sciatica. Chiropractic’s has helped me get rid of my back pain and have not had a reoccurrence of sciatica, Dr. Kurihara and his staff are AWESOME.

A, Pasion

My neck and right shoulder is tight and had pain sometimes, and my left knee hurt while I walked, since doing chiropractic adjustments my body is loose and I don’t get the pain, I am glad that I came to see Dr. Kurihara, he is nice and very helpful.


I was a prior patient of Dr. K and I recently came on health challenges I knew only chiropractic’s could help with so I returned and since coming back to see Dr. K chiropractic care has lessened the symptoms to the point of no return. Mahalo Dr. K, you truly are a blessing. The staff at Chiropractic family Health Center are the kindest and most wonderful group of people you will ever get to know.


I started chiropractics because I had back and knee pain, I have been coming in regularly for the past few months and I have more movement in my knee, my joints don’t ache and I continue to feel better. The staff is awesome, and Dr. Kurihara is always so caring. Megan and Madelle go over and beyond regular care for their patients, it is so great to have a staff that cares the way they do. Dr. Kurihara explains things to me to understand what is going on. I am glad I found him!


I started chiropractic for neck pain, shoulder stiffness and my left arm hurt, treatments helped my neck and shoulder pain greatly and my left arm can lift up now.

S. Wendel

I had sciatic pain down my entire right leg, I began chiropractics and the pain is gone. Thank you Dr. Kurihara.


I wanted to get adjustments to have better posture and to educate myself about my body, it has helped me move better and learn that everything is connected through my spine. I feel good about myself now.

Shirley Yasuda

I started to improve my overall health, it has given me a better quality of life. I feel great after an adjustment and I feel uplifted and energetic. I am virtually free of the aches and pains that accompany aging! I am so grateful that I can enjoy myself and do most activities that I want like travel and sightseeing.


I have this migraine every now and then, pain in my back and neck. When I started chiropractics my migraines are gone and no more pain in my back and neck.


I started for low back pain and neck pain, I am now able to stand up without pain and numbness and my neck pain is gone.

Melissa G.

I started chiropractic care to receive proper treatment and correction to my neck and back, in order to enjoy life more abundantly and make my body stronger. It has helped by allowing me to do the simple things in life that I would do before but with less discomfort and better sleep.

Dayna L.

I always love coming to my adjustments. I feel better after each one. I can tell the difference when I have missed a week, my back and neck feel tight and stiff. I started coming to maintain my spine (I have scoliosis) but no other real symptoms or pains. When I have had back pain, the adjustments always help to make them go away faster.

David I.

After the first visit I could feel the difference
Since then the pain in my leg and lower back is gone.
My cuts seem to heal faster and my headaches are gone.
I had my nephew come for adjustments and it also helped him.
Thanks Dr. Kurihara

Joyce O.

I have learned a lot about my body from Dr. Kurihara so that I can adjust how I do things in order to live as pain free as possible. The adjustments have been very helpful in relieving back, shoulder, and leg pain. Very friendly staff!

Robin Wong — 5 star
July 19 ·

Very helpful, goes in depth with everything. Also great staff. Customer service is up there.

Jenna M.

When first coming to Chiropractic Family Health Center, I was living with spastic severe pain and numbness in both arms with a less than desired quality of life. I have been coming to my appointments with Dr. Kurihara now for two months and see tremendous improvement and radically improved mobility and flexibility. Thank you to Dr. Kurihara for drastically improving my health and way of life. I am looking forward to becoming even healthier.

Joan U.

I started coming to the center in January of 2010. I had severe back pain to the point where I could barely walk. Getting adjustments at the Chiropractic Family Health Center not only allows me to be more or less pain free it also allows me to do all the physical activities that I love.

A, B

I was seeking chiropractic care because I was having constant back pains and sciatica. After doing research, I found Dr. Kurihara had great reviews so I decided to give him a call. I couldn’t have been happier with my decision. My back has never felt better and I look forward to each of my visit as I know I always leave feeling better than when I came. I especially like how he takes time to educate on wellness so I can make better changes in my life even when I leave.

M, Anna

I was referred to Chiropractic Family Health Center by a fellow colleague. Him and his wife began coming here after attempting to find assistance within the military health care system and finding no positive alternative. I came to Dr Kurihara in early April after experiencing an injury to my lower back. He immediately explained to me the regimen and what was expected of me as a patient as well as what I should expect in regards to care from his office. He has helped me immensely with not only pain management but he gave me my quality of life back! I will be forever grateful to him and his staff. I highly recommend everyone, those who have experienced chiropractic care before and those who have not. I learned so much about my health and how my body works by starting my health adjustments here. The other aspect I truly enjoy about Dr Kurihara’s practice is his dedication to overall health, not just spine health. He holds workshops every month on different areas of health management and lifestyle. He truly is dedicated to his patients and I am so happy to have found his practice!



Y, G

Yes, i would like to. My overall progress since starting treatment has been satisfactory. I am pleased with the pain management and exercise tips provided by Dr. Kurihara. His staff is very accommodating and friendly. I am so glad I took it upon myself to start getting better. Thank you, Dr. Kurihara and staff.

U, A

I came to see Dr. Kurihara due to neck pain, headaches, and upper back pain. After 3 months my headaches are gone, my neck pain is now 75% better, and my upper back pain is better too. Right now, I only get upper back pain when I’m on the computer all day. I am definitely 100 satisfied with the progress I’ve made in Chiropractic Family Health Center! I’ve recommended some of my friends already and I’ll recommend more people to come.

Q, P

I was recommended by a friend to visit this office, tried it out and was very happy with the staff and how I was taken care of. I came with mid-back pain and with the help of Dr. Paul Kurihara the pain went away after two months of adjustment. I highly recommend this to anyone who has pain along the spine

B, Richard

Referred by a coworker and have been happy with the results, back pain has been minimized and I feel better.

K, G

Last February 2017 I blacked out and fell flat forward and when I got up I couldn’t really get up. I don’t know how long I was out. I believe I hit my head and started having pain in my head and face. I also couldn’t move my fingers. Then I started having RT neck pain. After 3 months of chiropractic care my pain is down to 0 from 7-8 in the scale of 1-10. My range of motion has also improved. Thank you, Dr. Kurihara!

Y, S

Chiropractic care has been helping me in the past and continues to be a big part of my life . Coming here has been a positive and uplifting experience. Thank you for the pleasant staff and a gifted doctor. I always look forward to being here!

C, K

Was referred by a friend’s boss. I started coming here because I had a head collision during a sporting event and needed some relief in my neck. My pain is 95% better after just a short period of time. Very friendly staff.

T, B

I hurt my back on January 2017. I couldn’t walk or stand up in any length of time. After just the 3rd treatment with Dr. Kurihara, I was pain free. Now, I can sleep better in any position I want. I can take longer walks and do all the things I could not do even before I hurt my back. It’s terrific! Also, I really like the fact that staff comes in early. Dr. Kurihara and staff are all doing an awesome job! Keep it up!

u, k

I came in for lower back pain, after three weeks pain was gone and has not returned since. Doctor and staff are really good.

C, J

I was looking for a chiropractor because I moved from Waikiki to Ewa Beach. I was having a lot of back pain. I googled chiropractors and came out w/ Dr. Kurihara. I liked his long-term thoughts in subluxation and how to maintain your overall health along with back manipulations. They also provide health classes which I never had w/ other chiropractors before. Great results! Would highly recommend Dr. Kurihara and his staff.

G, Lei

I came in unknowingly what i was getting into. I came in because i tried to avoid surgery down the line hoping for a quick fix but Dr. Kurihara explained everything that was happening with my spine and the importance of taking care of it. The spine it’s taken for granted as i i have learned. I cannot say enough great things of what the doctor had done for me. I no longer have asprin taking pain. I wake up and actually get out of bed normally d opposed to my daily pay ritual of rolling out of bed because of a stiff back. My neck actually looks longer and i have alot more movement. I just turned 58 and i feel the best i have in 10 years. Thank you Dr. Kurihara for all you have done and continue to do. Everyone should see you. Aloha.

B, Louis

When I first came to see Dr. Kurihara, I was at the end of the road, there was no light at the end of the tunnel for me. I had severe pain in both my shoulders, hands, and neck. After three adjustment sessions the pain was reduced by about 50%s. I could sleep longer without awakening by pain. I know there is a way to go before I can enjoy life as i once did. Thank you Dr Kurihara for giving me a light at the end of the tunnel.

Verified Reviewer

I really appreciate Dr. Kurihara and his energetic staff with helping me to regain my health and well being. They are all always upbeat, positive and encouraging. I actually look forward to my visits with them. It is always a happy experience!

I, Kahea

I first decided to look for a Chiropractor because of my back pain that I was having. I Google searched for one and Dr. Kurihara was the first name that popped up so I decided to call and got an appointment. When I got here it was very welcoming. I have jumped on a plan that helps me and I’m grateful that doctor could work with my financial situation.

G, Ryan

Chiropractic Family Health Center help me reduce my pain on my lower back that was hurting constantly for almost 3 weeks. Their technique and process assisted me to strengthen and bring back movement on my back. I enjoy all information about getting me back to better health. Lots of information is great!

T, Fe

My left leg numbness is gone. Lower back pain is lesser. Headeache is not us often now.

V, Eileen

Came in for lower back pain and shoulder tension. The pain was gone after 3 adjustments. Dr. Paul and his staff were very friendly and welcoming, answering any and all of my questions! Come and check them out and invest in your health!!

F, Susan

Dr Kurihara and his staff are always attentive, pleasant and helpful. The front desk staff are very organized!!! Dr Kurihara has a kind heart and truly cares about his patients.

Verified Reviewer

A, Kaena

When I first came to this office I was in a lot of pain. I could not even walk. However, after the first treatment I began to feel so much better. I am now just completing my 2nd month here at 3x per week and I must say my posture has gotten close to normal as well as my back pain and headaches has subside drastically. I would recommend anyone who is suffering from back pain to come here because not only Dr. Kurihara’s awesome, he has a very inviting staff as well as facility.

H, Ross

Once I started to attend the chiropractic adjustment, my flexibility has improved. My golf game has improved. I also feel a lot better after the adjustment. I love the music and the atmosphere!

Verified Reviewer

I came from another chiropractic office and I used to still have neck and shoulder pain. After coming to Dr. Kurihara my neck feels much better. I really like that he takes his time with his patients to make sure their needs are met.

S, William

I truly believe that being here has made a significant difference in me. I show and feel the results by attending my appointments and being educated on what is going on with my body,mind and neck. I also like the educational classes that help enhance my knowledge more about my health wellness and well being. I recommend Dr. Paul Kurihara to everyone and anyone. Thank you to the staff for great service and making my visits comfortable. mahalo, William M. Sellers Jr. and Ohana.

M, E

I started with my chiropractic care due to pain on my lower back/sciatica and neck pain. Now, both of my neck and back pain feel at least 80% better. I notice huge improvement from how I was in June. I have less flare-ups too. Thank you Dr. Kurihara and staff!

A, L

I was very sore in my neck and shoulder blades and lower back. Since receiving chiroprator adjustets from Dr. Kurihara, it became less painful and more manageable. My neck felt better after just one adjustment. My shoulder blades and lower back felt better after the 2nd adjustment. Thank you very much Dr. Kurihara and staff!

R, T

I started from recommendation from daughter and sister due to their good results. I had intense leg pain and unable to walk. Through chiropractic adjustments, gradually gotten better and now I am able to walk. The pain went from 10 down to 4 on scale of 0 to 10. Great job Dr. Kurihara and staff!

T, Lani

My experience has been great for the last 3 years. My expectation of not feeling pain has been true since being a patient of Dr. Kurihara. Recently, I hurt my shoulder. I found relief and is now pain free after coming for my regular adjustments. I would recommend to anyone in need of chiropractic help to come to Chiropractic Family Health Center.

M, K

Dr Kurihara and his staff are very helpful and positive ! I enjoy coming here to get my adjustments and I try to learn something new each time. Dr Kurihara is very patient and takes his time to LISTEN and explain any questions or concerns that I have

C, D

I have had a absolutely awesome experience chiropractic family health center. I have had a huge improvement in my neck and shoulders.

C, H

I heard about Dr. Kurihara through radio advertisement. I decided to see a chiropractor because the Physical Therapy I had for 7 sessions didn’t really help. When I started seeing Dr. Kurihara, I started feeling better after 4 weeks. Progress slow but I wasn’t expecting any overnight cure. I am definitely happy with my treatments here at Chiropractic Family Health Center.

Y, Kenneth

Great Doctor. Great Staff . Now my wife is also under Dr. Kurihara’S treatment.

D, Christina

I always struggled with migraine pain as long as I could remember. After being on daily migraine medications for over 6+ years with really no improvement, I started to look toward other means of help for myself. I came across Chiropractic Family Health Center and it was heaven sent because I immediately began to feel improvement. Within 12 treatments, my migraines were almost gone! It went from almost daily migraines to 1-2 times a week. I recommend Chiropractic Family Health Center for anyone seeking to improve their health.


Chiropractic family health center is a place that will help realign your spinal dysfunction. On the first adjustment, i was amazed, i was actually able to turn my neck from one side to the other, something that i haven’t been able to do in years. This is truly a health center because Dr. Paul provides workshops that goes beyond chiropractic care. These workshops provides information on how to take care of yourself and ways to improve your overall wellness. The girls at the front desk is very nice and friendly and very easy to work with. I would recommend Chiropractic Family Health Center to my friends and family or to anyone seeking chiropractic care.

R, N

Been having adjustments for two years and I can feel the improvements in my lower back. Friendly staff and Dr. Kurihara is very passionate with his patients.

C, K

Helped me to get off meds and increased movement. When I first came in, I was skeptical that it would help my sciatica, but friends suggested doctor Paul because their husband/family see him.

O, J

Having come to Dr. Kurihara and staff for over 8 years we’ve been fortunate to receive excellent care, no more back pain and we rarely get sick! Highly recommend him and his awesome staff to anyone!

Verified Reviewer

The staff are wonderful from the minute they answer the phone it makes you feel as if you’re family!

S, Toby

Everyone at Chiropractic Family Health Center is so upbeat and positive. I always leave with a good attitude.

Y, Ken

After one year of treatment (because I am a senior citizen, it does take longer) for neck and lower back pain, as well as leaning of the shoulders to one side, the pain is gone and my wife tells me that I have better “walking posture.” I have decided to continue my treatment since it does help with other pain associated with old age and Dr. Kurihara’s classes are entertaining and helpful. The staff needs no comment, because they have always been great!

I, David

I have been a patient at the Chiropractic Family Health Center for over a year. I had tightness in my chest and shoulders and also lower back pain. After just one session, that tightness diminished and I was able to breathe better and felt so much relief. My back pain caused pain down my leg. After several treatments that pain has also gone away. I have several family members who continue to see Dr. Kurihara and are pleased with their results. My nephew, Jason, is a wounded warrior. He suffered many injuries including the amputation of a leg. What people don’t realize is that many of his injuries affected internal organs. We asked Dr. Kurihara to see Jason. I can’t say enough about what Dr. Kurihara did for Jason. He found great relief, considerably less pain, less stomach problems and so much more. He said it was the first time since he was hospitalized with his injuries, that he kind of forgot about the pain and his health issues. Jason is stationed in Florida and sees a chiropractor who has a similar philosophy with Dr. Kurihara and continues to improve. Dr. Kurihara also conducts mini seminars to educate us and inspire us to live well. My wife and I enjoy these little workshops. These are the “extra” elements that show how much Dr. Kurihara and his staff care about their patients and their wellness. Thank you, Dr.Kurihara!

L, T

I would recommend it to everybody because it has helped me with my lower back pain and stiffness. Compare to when I originally came in it is now 80% better.

A, Leona

Chiropractic Family Health Center provides excellent customer service and people friendly environment. Dr. Kurihara explains treatment and procedures thoroughly and in a way that I can understand. I enjoy the workshops where I learned how to exercise properly and take care of my overall health. Thank you, Dr. Kurihara and staff!

m, gail

The experience and treatment of the Chiropractic Family Health Center has been very pleasant and comforting. I have always gotten very positive results from my treatments and would highly recommend it to my friends and family.

K, S

My first time having chiropractic therapy, wanted to try a different type of therapy and have been satisfied with the results at this stage. I enjoy the friendliness of everyone including Dr. Kurihara!

N, Jimmy

It is a working progress but I believe this an effective way to stay healthy and pain free

L, Luwella

Chiropractic Family Health Center was attentive and knowledgeable during my visits in addition, the staff was very professional and courteous.

S, Hugh

Mahalo Dr Kurihara and your excellent staff, Meagan & Maydell! I appreciate your care & service! I will continue to see your office for as long as I can!

O, Sharon

Sinus headaches and allergy symptoms brought me into the chiropractor. My husband and I joined the program over 10 years ago. My headaches are gone and my nasal allergy is agravated only occasionally. Thank you, Dr. Kurihara!

Verified Reviewer

The staff are very friendly and courteous. The treatment that I am getting at Chiropractic Family Health Center is very helpful for my pain that I used to get and I am having a routine treatment for my health. I have visited this office for about 2 years now, and my sciatica and back pain are much less when I get up in the morning . I would like to continue my treatment.

Verified Reviewer

Blessed to be patients for several years, thanks to Dr. Paul we rarely get sick!

C, J

I started with my chiropratic care due to sciatic pain and lower back pain. I haven’t had sciatic pain since I’ve been seeing Dr. Kurihara. My lower back pain has improved as well, currently I would rate my pain up to 3 from the scale of 1-10. The severity used to be at 7. I’m satisfied with my progress.

S, Toby

Everyone at Chiropractic Family Health Center is so upbeat and positive. I always feel so much better after my adjustment and leave with a good attitude.

I, Ray

My back and arm issues have been resolved over the year long visits, for which I am very thankful. I also enjoy their quarterly seminars for patients that cover a variety of information and exercises that improve your overall physical and mental well-being. It’s a great place to get you on the right path to good health.

C, C

I started with my chiropractic care 3 months ago, it helps relieve my lower back pain weekly caused by over working. I always feel better after every adjustment that lasts throughout the weekend. I would like to thank Dr. Kurihara and staff for providing excellent care and service.

Verified Reviewer

I am a new patient of Dr. Kurihara. I have been a session with him for about a month now, I already felt a tremendous change on my body. I don’t feel the numbness on my hands. Before the session, as if I am carrying a block of brick on my back, that feeling is gone and the pain around my shoulder blade is gone. I know I still have a long way to go but thank you Dr Kurihara for your help. I feel like a new person every time I have my adjustment. (myw)


I have found the staff and doctor to be excellent in all that they do, i have recommended to my friends and i have had many of my ailments improve because of their services.

K, Edwin

I would like to thank Dr. Kurihara and staff for their professionalism. I came in for my neck pain and stiffness. I have shown a tremendous improvement after just 6 treatments! I always look forward to the information that are provided in the workshop by Dr. Kurihara – nutrition, exercise, and proper posture. Thank you again Dr. Kurihara and staff for the outstanding job!

F, Netta

For many years I suffered from sciatica. The sharp pain ran from my lower back through my hips and buttocks and down the back of my leg causing my leg to buckle. Having this condition forced me to stop running. I finally decided to do something about it. My motivation? To run again! A friend who also suffers from sciatica suggested to try a chiropractor. That’s when I found The Chiropractic Family Health Center in Aiea. Long story short, I’m running again and I just finished running my first Half Marathon. I was amazed at how great my body felt during the run and after. Though I will still have some pain every now and then, but it’s tolerable. I will continue to have treatments to manage my sciatica and for overall health. I am “HAPPY” with my results! Dr. Kurihara is very knowledgeable and professional. He has a bedside manner I appreciate. He really cares about the patients well being. The staff is very hospitable and extremely understanding. They have been very accommodating with my sometimes last minute changes. Both he and his staff provided great and exceptional service! I thank you…my body thanks you! I strongly recommend going to the Chiropractic Family Health Center and meeting Dr. Kurihara and staff. Tell them Netta sent you!

k, p

They have great music and great staff. Dr. Paul Kurihara is very good. I feel better since started my chiropractic care, that means it’s working.

K, M

Always a pleasure coming here.

L, Jessee

The staff and service at the health center has been beyond reproach.

a, emilio

This was the best thing I could have done for my health