Working with our chiropractor serving Kalihi allows you to address pain and manage your health through natural and holistic strategies. At the Chiropractic Family Health Center, we offer pain relief solutions based on your situation and your goals. We serve residents of Kalihi who want to address back pain or work on natural solutions for good health and well-being.

Chiropractic Care For Kalihi Residents

Chiropractic care in Kalihi refers to a natural treatment process using gentle movements and pressure on specific points on your spine to improve the function of your body. We manipulate and adjust your back and spine for better mobility and pain relief when you develop discomfort.

The goal of treatment at our clinic is good health and well-being without chronic pain and discomfort. We use up-to-date diagnostic strategies to ensure that our treatment plan works with your situation and helps with your specific needs.

Treating Back Pain

Treating back pain from a Kalihi chiropractor allows you to avoid chronic complications with your mobility and health. Back pain stems from multiple situations, including accidents, poor posture or your work environment. Depending on the reasons for your pain, we develop a personalized treatment plan to help with your goals. Our pain relief strategy uses natural movements, decompression therapy, and similar tools to encourage proper alignment and spinal function.

When your spine works properly and the nerves do not have excess pressure due to compression on specific points, you will notice a gradual reduction in the pain you experience. We help with common causes of pain in your back, including a herniated disc, sciatica, pinched nerves at any point on your spine or muscle-related pain. We may also help with certain medical ailments when it contributes to your pain or actually causes the pain in your back.

Looking For A Chiropractor In Kalihi? Call Us Today!

Looking for a chiropractor In Kalihi? We offer treatment to residents of Kalihi and the surrounding areas. Our office location Aiea is a short distance from the center of Kalihi and takes only a few minutes when you take the I-H-1 West. Simply get onto the I-H-1 West from Kamehameha Highway or Dillingham Boulevard. Continue on the highway to Halawa until you reach the exit for Stadium Aiea.

Drive down Moanalua Road until you reach our office location on Aiea Heights Drive. When you arrive at our clinic, we may ask for some basic information regarding your health history to ensure that you receive appropriate care and treatments for your pain. We may also ask for details regarding the situation leading to discomfort and pain in your back or any other area of your body requiring pain relief solutions.

Treating pain in your back or body starts with the underlying cause of your discomfort. At our clinic, we treat back pain and other types of discomfort through natural and chiropractic treatment strategies. To learn more about treating pain with chiropractic care or to set up an appointment with an experienced Kalihi chiropractor, call us at (808) 486-6696 today.