Auto Accident Injuries and Whiplash – How Chiropractic Care Can Help!

At Chiropractic Family Health Center our chiropractor, Dr. Kurihara, sees many patients who were injured in an auto accident and struggle with muscle and joint injuries from the crash. One of the most common auto accident injuries we see is whiplash. Learn how we treat whiplash and other auto accident injuries naturally.

How our Aiea Chiropractor Treats an Auto Accident Injury 

After an auto accident, you may feel sore and stiff. If there is nothing obviously wrong, you might decide to rest and ice your injuries to see if you feel better. Unfortunately, this may leave you with a car seat belt injury that has pulled your spine out of alignment. The force of the crash puts your body under strain. Whiplash arises during the sudden movement forward and back caused by the auto accident. When your spine is pulled out of natural alignment, back pain, neck pain, and whiplash can occur. Unless you seek treatment these injuries will worsen.

Whiplash symptoms include pain, tension, and inability to move the neck, dizziness, and fatigue. If you have these symptoms, please visit us. We’ll check you out and treat any musculoskeletal injuries we find using natural healing techniques.

Our Aiea chiropractor will make gentle adjustments designed to move your cervical spine back into alignment. With these adjustments, your neck tension and inflammation decrease naturally. Pain levels lessen as a result. This brings your neck back into alignment, and reintroduces range of motion, without resorting to medication to hide pain. Our manipulations reduce the buildup of scar tissue.

We can increase strength and flexibility with corrective exercises. If you are looking to recover fully after an auto accident, then you need our help.

Aiea, Mililani, Kalihi, and Waipahu Auto Accident Injury Treatment

If you have been injured in an auto accident near Aiea, Mililani, Kalihi or Waipahu, the best thing you can do is come see us right away to make sure there is nothing wrong. We offer all patients a free consultation, so you have nothing to lose by visiting our chiropractor. To reserve your free consultation, please call us at (808) 320-1640.

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