Workers’ Compensation benefits are a system which requires employers to cover an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages in the event the employee is injured while on the job or in the workplace. We at Chiropractic Family Health Center accept all forms of workers’ compensation payment for on the job injury treatment. In addition to accelerating patients’ healing time, shortening the recovery processes, and helping patients return to work and a normal lifestyle, our chiropractor, Dr. Paul Kurhara, and our staff work with patients to accumulate the necessary documentation and billing information for workers’ compensation benefits.

After an on the job injury, it is imperative that the employee notifies their supervisor or human resources department and seek immediate medical attention to document the injury in its early stages. This initial documentation of injury will ensure the employee receives the benefits he or she is due and that the employer does not end up paying for treatment of an injury incurred outside of the workplace.

Understanding No-Fault Workers’ Compensation in Aiea, HI

Regarding workers’ compensation benefits, the term “no-fault” means that an employee can receive compensation for wages lost, medical expenses, and rehabilitation even if the injury was due to the employees own fault or negligence while on the job in Aiea.

Treating Repetitive Stress, Slip and Fall, and Auto Accident Injury at Chiropractic Family Health Center in Aiea

If you have endured a slip and fall or auto accident injury while at work, our chiropractor and staff and Chiropractic Family Health Center in Aiea can help you heal, in addition to helping you handle a worker’s compensation claim. Most injuries incurred in these types of accidents affect the musculoskeletal system. Our chiropractor is fully trained and equipped to treat these injuries with chiropractic adjustments. Correcting the spine’s alignment by eliminating vertebral subluxations reduces inflammation, increases circulation, and releases pressure from the nervous system. This frees the body’s system of communication while allowing the body to deliver the oxygen and nutrients vital to healing directly to the targeted site. It also provides immediate pain relief, reduces the development of scar tissue, and mitigates the risk of future re-injury or aggravation.

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