Dr. Paul Kurihara wants to help your family feel their best. Dr. Kurihara will work to alleviate your pain and recover from your injuries faster. Dr. Kurihara works to improve your overall health. Chiropractic care establishes a strong body that can be more resistant to illness and recover from injuries faster.

Our holistic approach with our Aiea chiropractor is the alternative health care your family may need. We serve patients many patients in Pearl City, Kalihi, Waipahu, Mililani, Aiea, Halawa, Kapolei, Ewa Beach and the surrounding  areas who have discovered our healing techniques and experienced better overall health . So if you’re looking for a Mililani chiropractor to treat your pain,our health team treats a variety of conditions from chronic pain to sudden injuries from car accidents or sports.

Our method includes evaluating your spine to identify the specific area subluxations and then targeting the area to reduce inflammation, increase circulation and adjust body position. Instead of masking your pain with medications, Dr. Kurihara works to eliminate the source of the pain without side effects. Chiropractic care is beneficial for the entire family and we welcome patients of all ages to our family practice.

Conditions Treated at Chiropractic Family Health Center

Aiea’s Chiropractic Family Center is your go-to facility when you are in pain, lack energy or are experiencing muscle weakness. Dr. Kurihara’s experience includes helping his patients with conditions such as:

  • Headaches – Head pain is frustrating and interferes with your productivity. If you are dealing with chronic headaches, migraines or a concussion, Dr. Kurihara will adjust your neck and upper back into a position that reduces strain and tension on your head. By freeing these areas and positioning your spine in a natural alignment, your pain is reduced.
  • Neck Pain – Neck pain may be the result of an injury or improper posture. Our Waipahu chiropractor adjusts the vertebrae in your neck to alleviate your pain. Then, Dr. Kurihara may show you exercises and proper posture to eliminate the recurrence of neck pain.
  • Back Pain – Typically the most common reason for seeking chiropractic care, back pain is very responsive to chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Kurihara evaluates your back pain to determine if it is caused by a subluxation, herniated disc, spondylosis, arthritis or degenerative disc disease. We then work to treat all of these causes using a variety of methods and techniques.
  • Sciatica – Lower back pain that travels down your hips and legs is known as sciatica. Dr. Kurihara alleviates the pressure from the sciatic nerve with chiropractic adjustments. As a result, your pain and weakness improve.
  • Auto Accident Injury – Injuries occur suddenly and the sooner you seek chiropractic treatment for an auto accident injury, the sooner you will recover. We will evaluate your pain and determine the best chiropractic plan for your injuries. From whiplash to seat belt related injuries, we will work with you to get you back to optimal health post-accident.

Learn More About What We Treat at Your Hawaii Chiropractor

Our health team at Chiropractic Family Health Center is here to support your healing and ease your discomfort. We treat a variety of conditions including chronic pain from fibromyalgia, arthritis and chronic fatigue. Please call us today to schedule your free consultation.