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Experiencing pain in any area of the back interferes with personal quality of life and health. Dr. Paul Kurihara provides relief from lower back pain by using natural tools and strategies. Seeking back pain treatment in Aiea provides an opportunity to address the underlying cause without using harsh strategies or medications.

Common Causes of Back Pain

Before providing natural treatment options for back pain relief in Hawaii, Dr. Kurihara evaluates the situation and identifies the underlying causes of the discomfort and pain. In the case of back pain, the underlying cause often stems from the location of the pain. Upper back pain differs from lower back pain due to the different nerves and underlying complications associated with the pain.

Common causes of the pain include:

  • Strained or sprained muscles
  • Tension in the muscles, particularly in the upper back
  • Pressure on the nerves, such as a sciatica
  • Bulging or herniated discs
  • Underlying health conditions

Lower back pain may stem from multiple situations, such as lifting a heavy object or poor posture. Pain in other areas of the back depends on the underlying health concerns contributing to the discomfort.

Chiropractic Treatment Options

At our clinic, we offer treatment options based on the underlying cause of the pain. Our team treats individuals from Aiea, Mililani, all the way to Waianae. Our treatment strategy focuses on the back pain and the cause of the pain.

Generally, we use spinal manipulation to improve the alignment of the spine. Proper alignment improves the function of the back and spine for better health and well-being. It also encourages natural healing processes.

When the cause of pain stems from a herniated disc, pressure on the nerves or similar concerns, we may use decompression therapy to reduce the pressure and relieve the pain. We may also recommend medical care in certain situations, so the treatment strategy depends on the needs of the individual and their specific health concerns.

When to Seek Treatment from Dr. Kurihara

Determining the appropriate time to seek treatment for back pain ultimately depends on the situation. Generally, we recommend treatment after any accident. Back pain may stem from sports injuries, auto accidents or even slip and fall accidents. Early treatment helps prevent more complicated health concerns and pain, so we recommend treatment for any pain after an injury.

Chronic and persistent pain the back may also benefit from chiropractic care. Since the pain may stem from a pinched nerve or a similar injury, a professional Hawaii chiropractor evaluates the situation and offers treatment based on the underlying cause of the pain. We also recommend treatment for unexplained or sudden acute pain, particularly if it interferes with personal quality of life.

Treating discomfort in the back with chiropractic care offers an opportunity to improve personal well-being. At the Chiropractic Family Health Center, we offer natural treatment options for pain relief. Contact us today at 808-518-4421 to learn more about our treatments or to set up an appointment.