At Chiropractic Family Health Center, Dr. Paul Kurihara, helps to lessen chronic pain and its daily effects. If you are living in chronic pain from a condition such as sciatica or fibromyalgia or if the pain is due to an injury such as whiplash or a herniated disc, Dr. Kurihara provides natural treatment for your pain.

Chronic Pain vs. Other Pains

The difference between chronic pain and other types of pain is in its persistence. Chronic pain lasts longer than what you typically think pain should last. It also may not respond to pain-relieving treatments such as rest, hot baths or massages, the way that other pain does.

If your pain has been unresponsive to remedies that have previously been effective or if it is lasting beyond what you think is normal, we encourage you to visit Chiropractic Family Health and speak with Dr. Kurihara. After a complete evaluation, Dr. Kurihara determines the best approach to manage and eliminate your pain, which is often to discover and remove the source of it.

Chronic Pain Conditions and Chiropractic Services

Certain conditions are associated with chronic pain. Some of these conditions include fibromyalgia, sciatica, whiplash, concussions, herniated disc, degenerative disc disease and spinal arthritis. Whether you have pain all over, as with fibromyalgia or lasting pain in your back or a joint, Dr. Kurihara has natural treatment options to ease your discomfort.

Our chiropractic services for chronic pain often include care such as:

  • Chiropractic adjustments – Dr. Kurihara gently adjusts your vertebrae to eliminate nerve pressure and restore your pain-free mobility. Adjustments are also performed on joints such as your shoulders, to reduce pain and allow the joint to track without interference. These adjustments are especially helpful if you are recovering from an injury as your body is able to heal in a healthy and proper alignment.
  • Lifestyle care – our services go beyond what occurs in the office to look at how you perform in daily life. We show you improved ways to sit, stand and sleep that may reduce pain and prevent future discomfort.
  • Exercises – Dr. Kurihara may suggest a moderate exercise routine to strengthen muscles that are weak or unbalanced. We also show you flexibility exercises to improve your range of motion.

Call our Aiea Chiropractor Today for Natural Chronic Pain Relief

Our chiropractic services for chronic pain are natural and rely on your body’s healing abilities to decrease pain. Our primary focus is to align your spine and joints so that movement is pain-free and injury healing can occur. Whether your pain is the result of a chronic condition, an injury or poor posture, Dr. Kurihara provides effective and natural solutions.

To learn more about our chronic pain treatments or to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Kurihara, call us today at (808) 486-6696.