Has nagging knee pain, soreness in your back, tennis elbow or other joint pain narrowed your range of motion along with your ability to enjoy life? If so, then you need to know that you have joint pain treatment options beyond painkillers or invasive surgery. Our chiropractor in Aiea, Dr. Paul Kurihara, is proud to serve as your source for safe, effective joint pain treatment in Pearl City, Aiea, Waipahu, Makakilo and the surrounding areas.

What’s Causing That Soreness in Your Back, Neck or Limbs?

Joint pain may stem from a variety of both acute and chronic causes. The most common from of degenerative, chronic joint pain is arthritis. There are several different forms of arthritis, from the rheumatoid inflammation associated with auto-immune diseases to painful attacks of gout in the toes. Osteoarthritis is caused because of subluxations and with activity-induced wear and tear; it occurs when the cartilage lining the joint wears out and permits bone-on-bone friction. Constant heavy demands on a joint may cause arthritis, resulting in chronic shoulder, hip or knee pain. Facet joint arthritis may occur when ongoing inflammation of the spinal joints leads to bone spurs, producing soreness in your back or neck. This inflammation may be caused by subluxation spinal disc degeneration (which causes the spinal column to lose height) or an untreated spinal misalignment.

The soft tissues that enable joint motion can also cause pain. Auto accidents or other traumatic injuries can strain or sprain connective tissues and muscles. Athletes may suffer repetitive motion injuries that cause the wrist pain of carpal tunnel syndrome, the knee pain known as runner’s knee, and the tendinitis of golf elbow or tennis elbow.

Natural, Drug-Free Joint Pain Treatment from Our Aiea Chiropractor

Standard medical treatment for joint pain often focuses on temporarily alleviating the symptoms with drugs — or even on major surgery that deliberately limits joint motion to prevent painful friction. Our Aiea and Pearl City chiropractor relies on neither of these extremes. Our natural joint pain treatment methods treat the underlying cause of your pain while also restoring or preserving optimal joint stability and range of motion.

Chiropractic adjustment can prove extremely helpful for treating joint pain. By correcting subluxation (misalignment) of the fact joints, our Waipahu chiropractor can reduce strain and inflammation on these joints, relieving pain while also slowing arthritis development in these joints. Correcting your spinal alignment can also correct weight imbalances that put extra wear and tear on joints and strain joint tissues. Massage therapy is good for enhancing blood flow and relieve inflammation in injured tendons and muscles. Corrective exercises can help joints optimize their pain-free range of motion while also normalizing your posture and spinal joint position.

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