How Seasonal Weather Changes Affect the Body

Here in sunny Hawaii, the weather is almost always temperate and pleasant, but what if it’s not where you live? You can’t help but realize you tend to move and feel better on those beautiful, sunny days. Once the weather turns cold, or rainy, you feel stiff, achy, and slow.

This isn’t just your imagination. Weather can indeed play a huge role in how our bodies feel.

The Impact of Weather

Here are several areas of the body that may feel worse when the weather takes a turn:

  • Joints: The soft tissue in and around the joints may become more inflamed as air pressure drops, and the muscles may shrink somewhat. This can cause nerve, ligament, and connective tissue pressure. If you find your joints ache more in the cold or rain, this is why.
  • Your breath: If you ever feel breathless in the icy cold, here’s why it happens: your small airway muscles tremor.
  • Energy levels: As the days get shorter and it gets darker earlier in the wintertime, some people experience seasonal affective disorder, commonly referred to as SAD. You may feel tired and sadder.
  • Migraine and headache frequency: Thunderstorms and sun glare may bring on the painful symptoms associated with migraines.

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