Workers Compensation and No Fault Accident Care from Our Chiropractor in Hawaii

When you get into an accident in the workplace or you face an accident on the road, you have natural treatment options. Hawaii workers compensation policies and no fault policies on a vehicle may allow you to seek treatment from a chiropractor in Hawaii. By working with the insurance provider, you receive the treatment and care you need to heal from an accident.

Coverage from Hawaii Workers Compensation

Hawaii workers compensation from an employer usually covers the cost of medical care after an injury at work. Since accidents in the workplace may interfere with your ability to perform your duties and you may need medical treatment, you work with the insurance provider to address the underlying concerns.

At our clinic, we accept workers compensation insurance when you seek treatment for an injury. We evaluate your injuries and help you determine the appropriate way to address the cause of your pain.

Solutions for a Car Accident Injury

A car accident injury differs from other injuries because of the impact and the possible complications. In a car accident, you may face injuries like broken bones, head injuries, and whiplash. No fault accident care works with your insurance policy, or an employer’s policy if you were driving a company car for work. Our treatments focus on addressing the pain while encouraging your body to heal.

When to Seek Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care in our clinic helps you recover from an injury to your back, spine, and body. A chiropractor in Hawaii evaluates your situation and then recommends a holistic plan of action to address the cause of your pain. You want to seek treatment from a chiropractor when accidents occur to limit the risk of further injuries or difficulties when working with an insurance policy.

Call Our Chiropractor in Hawaii Today!

Workers compensation and no fault accident care works with an employer’s insurance policy or with your auto insurance policy to encourage healing and address your injuries. To learn more about treating accidents with a chiropractor in Hawaii or to set up an appointment to evaluate the severity of your injuries, callĀ 808-486-6696 today.

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